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Triall is building the world’s first digital ecosystem for clinical trials 🌏 📱. Underpinning this ecosystem is a two-token system consisting of our main utility token $TRL and its internal counterpart T-CRED. T-CRED gives the right to enter and use the services in the Triall ecosystem 🔬. It is the only token that can be used to pay for Triall solutions, can only be created by converting TRL, and is intended for use and adoption within the clinical research sector. Our token system is designed to facilitate fair and equitable sharing of benefits and access among all stakeholders in the ecosystem by enabling P2P compensation ✅, governance ✅, and community engagement ✅. Utility of $TRL: 👉 Access to ecosystem utilities: TRL offers access to the applications and APIs offered within the Triall ecosystem, facilitated through the conversion of TRL to T-CRED. 👉 Direct Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment of stakeholders and clinical trial participants: Both TRL and T-CRED will function as a common currency in the ecosystem. 👉 Community Engagement & Platform Maintenance: TRL is used to compensate and incentivize the community for contributions to the ecosystems. 👉 Governance of the Ecosystem: TRL functions to engage stakeholders in setting the course for the ecosystem. 👉 Memberships & community rewards: Members who lock-up their tokens will receive unique benefits, such as premium features and additional voting rights. 💎 TRL value drivers 💎 TRL Demand driving factors: 📍Release of Triall software solutions 📍Global sales campaign 📍Ecosystem network effects TRL Supply limiting factors: 📍Two token system 📍Token burn policy 📍Vesting schedules 📍Triall Memberships and rewards More info can be found here:

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