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The project was born in the midst of the explosion of the DEFI world, from an idea of young entrepreneurs who want to introduce the fundamentals of the cryptographic world in everyday life, breaking down the preconception that often links the cryptocurrency to the purposes of mere speculation. LOLLITOK was born, in fact, to be the exact opposite: it is in fact a deflationary token based on the BSC, as each transaction is subject to commissions of 16% divided as follows: 6% redistributed to all holders (in proportion to the amount of tokens in the wallet) in USDT. The 4% is divided into 2% portfolio marketing and 2% buyback. The remaining 2% in PancakeSwap as a liquidity pool. Obviously this discourages the use of LOLLITOK as a speculative tool and makes it a real archive of value. And this is just one of its many peculiarities. LOLLITOK is not just a token but combines it with a clothing brand. Initially only t-shirts will be available. An important part of the project, which we strongly wanted, will be played by the interconnection between Lollitok and SocialTok: first of all, a percentage of merchandising revenues, yet to be predetermined (from 5% to 10%), will be allocated to a portfolio (monitored transparently at all times) and will be distributed every month to all investors who have held the token in the portfolio for at least one month. The SocialTok is the project connected to the sale of T-shirts and the application that will be launched in 2022. It is a social movement centered on the possibility of contacting a person using the number on the shirt. Through our application, you can contact the desired person anonymously and at your discretion. Only the person contacted can decide whether to grant other information and unlock additional functions, such as sending photos, activating geolocation, receiving voice messages, and much more. The registration and security system involves logging in via 2 factors to obtain the data necessary to track down any fraudulent people in a database. Obviously, the social world will be able to connect to LolliTok in an absolutely effective and productive way: influencers, streamers, will have the opportunity to use our platform taking advantage of many advantages, bypassing every obstacle thanks to important partnerships. The main attractions concern the world of events. Parties can be organized through the SocialTok app and global movements and meetings can be created by sending the invitation to all users who will enjoy particular privileges. We have launched a constantly evolving marketing campaign, which will start from the world of influencers (both specialized in crypto and not) of Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, Tiktok, Twitter, etc., and then expand to the press, websites, and portals online, in order to progress in a fast, fluid, wide-ranging way. LOLLITOK’s goal is to go beyond the simple concept of a deflationary token, not limiting the experience to the world of cryptocurrencies only, but taking full advantage of its enormous potential. By rapidly implementing over time a series of services that will become part of the daily life of the LOLLITOK family, ranging from finance to entertainment (while increasing the value of the token itself), we aim to create a large community and an innovative value shop and social platform, attentive to important causes around the world. The concept of “beyond crypto” is central to our growth project, because it fully expresses our need to break out of pre-established patterns and create a broad, multimedia, fresh and international project.

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