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Welcome to BunnyFinance! вњ… We aim to be the next CoinSniper/CoinHunt ane attract every token to be publish on our website ! There will be 3 option to promote your token (BEP20 Token): - free option without any benefit just listed - paid promoted slot - paid ADS / banners Every paid promo/banners/ads will be paid in CARROTS (our token) ! This way every paid promo will work as a buyback function ! There are also other features that will be implemented in our website but will not reveal now Tokenomics: - 5% reflection - 3% liquidity - 2% marketing We don`t to implement a high tax cause it will scare whales and regular investors as well, 10% tax is more than enough! Launch details: There will be an presale (max 30bnb hardcap, depends as well on number of telegram members / investors) 70% will be added in liquidity at launch! Rest of 30% will be used for marketing! Everything we will get for marketing will be announced and we will make sure that everything is transparent ! Once presale is done, there will be 2 days between presale and launch on PCS just to generate buy pressure and attract more investors that will buy at launch/after launch ! How we gonna attract investors? - banners on every crypto website - paid influencers - partnership with another tokens - pinned in crypto groups - present our project to whale groups - create a medium-big chinese community - will offer trust / confidence - trying to have a partnership with coinsniper/coinhunt/gemhunters/coivote - more to be revealed + we will take investors ideas as well When we plan to launch our presale? - 25/27 august will be a great day! What softcap/hardcap? - that will depends on number of telegram members, will not be too high - we are not a greedy team that will just want to benefit over the 30% remain for marketing How many members in the team ? - 4 members, will be over 10 members once we growing Why we should invest BunnyFinance? - cause we trying to do something different and genius - will always work for investors benefit - will not give up after 1 day as many other does once they did them profit - trying to build an community and a great project / idea together Thanks for your support ! ~ BunnyFinance

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