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TrustKeys offers Hybrid crypto’s applications in one single ecosystem that provided individual data security within the digital assets management and exchange. • Decentralized account model (DAM) bring secure private wallet, connect smoothly with DEXes, bring user a smooth experience of CEXes • The first CryptoNoCurrency SuperApp (Crypto-Not-Only-Currency). End-to-end encrypted Messenger and Blockchain-style social network. • Full bind collection to give a solitary access to spot and subsidiaries exchanging • Aggregates standard DEXes on different public chains. • Further totals spot and subsidiary exchanging on standard CEXes. • Supports cross-chain trade exchanges. • Intelligent routing and machine learning to offer best rates • Intelligent steering and AI to offer the best rates and least potential gas expenses • Offers the best cost to clients by contrasting the costs on amassed DEXes and the best cost on CEXes. Private sale lock 18 months, vesting 15% of total dep each quarter Pre-sale lock 12 months, vesting 20% of total dep each quarter Team Token Vesting Plan Total 200,000,000 TRUSTK is allocated to the Team. After 5 years locked, Vesting periods in 24 months – by monthly Funds Usage • 20% - Ecosystem development • 10% - Cost of operation • 25% - Develop platform • 25% - Liquidity and exchange • 10% - Marketing • 10% - Startup Foundation

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