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( 24h: Aug 4th 2021 )
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Wildfire token was created to help wildfire cases especially nowadays. We want to plant new trees to replace burned trees. Our planet always must be green. Our project aims to save animals, trees and humans from wildfires. These days, fire is occuring in different parts of the world. We saw this wildfires and think we have to stop these. Our world is unique. We have to protect the world. Every single tree creates a lot of oxygen to the world. If trees are gone, our life is over. That’s not the only problem. Trees give us vegetables, fruits etc. different types of foods. If they are gone, we don’t have enough food. The third problem is ecological balance. Forests are habitats. They contain millions of species. If forests burn, animals will hurt or die, ecological balance is disturbed. We have to save forests. Green is life. #savegreensavelife

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