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QueenDoge👸🐕 is the new BSC Reflect token with a huge difference that reaps you massive rewards. 🐸 It functions by incurring a 14% transaction fee, 10% of which is used as a BNB redistribution reward that is entirely automatic, so you earn BNB through holding alone. 💸 Tokenomics: 1. 10% Automated BNB Redistribution Reward to all holders ♻️ 2. 2% Marketing Wallet allocation to be used in conjunction with a streamlined marketing strategy that will gain QueenDoge the right exposure and keep the momentum going 🏋️‍♂️ 4. 2% PCS Liquidity Fee automatically sent back to the LP. This stabilises the price effectively and deals with price impact by replenishing it with fresh BNB 💹 QueenDoge has been created by a talented and meticulous Dev who understands how to navigate the complexities of the BSC market. Moreover, QueenDoge is spearheaded by a capable and connected marketing team that have managed and participated in various successful projects on the BSC.💲💲🐸🐸

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