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What makes KILIMANJARO so special? KILIMANJARO applies a 5% tax rate applied to each transaction, 2.5% is automatically burned and the other 2.5% goes to the Lottery Pool. Only the worthy gets the full reward! Once a day, the lottery randomly chooses three hikers among the KILIMANJARO holders and split the lottery pool equally between them. Those hikers are the ones to reach the peak. However, there is a catch. If the amount of KILIMANJARO tokens that the winner holds surpasses the reward received, the hiker gets the full reward. If not, the holder only gets 50% of the reward and the other 50% is burnt. For example: If the lottery pool is 3000 $KILI, each of the three winners should receive 1000 $KILI. However, a winner will only get the 1000 $KILI if he/she already holds 1000 or more $KILI. If not, he/she will win 500 $KILI and the other 500 $KILI will be burned.

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Each tweet represents a lottery entry to win. Few winners each week. 🎉

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