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Earn interest with market-beating returns, automatically, every day. High interest time-locked savings deposits Minimum 8% APY automatically paid in AXN daily Consistent weekly bonus APY through daily auction revenue Secured deposits through the Ethereum blockchain network Generate passive income with your Axion shares No minimum stake duration or amount to begin earning Rewards automatically distributed through VCA auctions Accumulate BTC through long-term Dollar Cost Averaging Additional information, other links and addresses Staking: Auctions: Uniswap: Website: Voting: Calculator: Subscribe to our newsletter: Getting started with Axion: Join us on Telegram: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Reddit: AXN Contract: 0x71f85b2e46976bd21302b64329868fd15eb0d127 DISCORD - Read #announcements read pinned messages in #general

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