New World Gold


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The New World Order - Gold token built on the foundation of Binance SC will be categorised as the specialised store of value token within the New World Order - Finance Eco System. NEW oGold has revolutionised Traditional Gold and Bitcoin with the integration of latest crypto technology of Automatic Burns, Rewards to Diamond hands & buy back burns. This will create a hyper deflationary situation which will lead the value of NEW oGold to increase over time. Future road map and eco system New World - Finance Eco System will consist of the following components, Store of Value : New World Gold (Deflationary Supply ) Transactional token : NEWoCASH ( Limited Supply ) Liquidity Swap : New World Swap ( NEWoCASH and NEWoGOLD will be base currency) Wallet : New Unity Wallet ( Wallet with 0 fees ) Stable coin : NEWoD

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