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NanoEthBSC ($NETH) 👻 A fair launched BEP-20 ETH reflection token on the BSC Network! 👻 A friendly ghost has been spotted wandering around on the Binance Smart Chain - a generous ghoul named NanoEth. NanoETHs ambition is to become the biggest, best managed, and friendlest Ethereum reflection token on the BSC network! And as is befitting for a ghost, it manifests itself in stealth... At a basic level, the goal of the tokenomics of NanoEth is to provide holders with an otherworldly experience where you only need to hold $NETH tokens in your wallet to automatically receive (BEP-20 pegged) Ethereum every hour - and the contract will be doing so without any of those bloaty and cumbersome buyback functions that less spooky projects have a habit of using. Driving the project, we have a core fellowship that consists of 9 people brought together by friendship stemming from previous (successful) projects. From there we have a larger supporting moderation team of 22 including chat mods – all members of the team bought their bags at launch like every other investor. All investors buy at equal opportunity as the NETH community and legend grows! Strong marketing is to be expected to support the growing community, with dashboard and special NANOGHOST features coming as well as the exploration of yield farming, NFT platforms, and gaming applications. Certik audit is also on the roadmap. More will be announced - so stay tuned! Tokenomics: 15% fees 7% ETH reward / 5% Marketing / 3% LP - focused on sustainability in the long term!

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