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COINMARKETSTORE (CMSV2) TOKEN is a simple token that is powered by built on the Binance Smart Chain. Coinmarketstore token symbol is $CMSV2. We are launching CMSV2 to ensure that the community is rewarded well for its holding power. Apart from its burn mechanism, we will also put a marketing wallet or ensure that publicity is enough to populate the moon. CMSV2 is backed by, a website well known for its comprehensiveness regarding crypto projects. This website is particularly worth mentioning because it is the top crypto voting platform worldwide. CMSV2 will be a huge project in BSC tokens because of its frequently visited website, tokenomics, and marketing plans. CoinmarketstoreV2 is a Deflationary Token which means the Total Supply is always decreasing, making it more and more rare. That Charges Tax Fees On Everything But Buys. The Fees Charged On All Non-Buy Transactions out of which percentage of the coins are burned, but holding does reward you in the end. With the increasing rug pull incidents in the binance smartchain tokens across the Pancakeswap, we decided to step forward and use our platform to launch a token that rewards the community in the best possible way. The basic mechanism is the same as other burning systems. The only difference is that we have a notable, and reliable website with really high visitor traffic. We also have trust worthy marketing staff and developers. Moreover, we have lifetime ads at Our project is different from those that rely heavily on marketing wallets, and if buyers don’t how up, the projects vanish altogether. That is why it’s tokenized. The value is in the number of visits, the number of projects inside, the reputation, and the website it self. • Name: CoinmarketstoreV2 • Symbol: $CMSV2 • Blockchain: BinanceSmartChain • Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 • Tax: - 3% REWARD HOLDER - 3% AUTOMATIC LIQUIDITY - 3% BURN -6% MARKETING - Liquidity will be blocked 365 day • Contract: 0x4d9f511c64f1d8fc85fda32e50bd7d248839ef09

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Each tweet represents a lottery entry to win. Few winners each week. 🎉

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