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Hey guys! Upon doing some research, I stumbled across this little gem that I honestly think has huge potential. Of course, as an investor, it is in my best interest for you to invest in this project, however, I really think this one will explode! It starts with a very small market cap meaning it could grow exponentially. Even the contract and the holders look good. Everything checks out with this one! Again, please DYOR as this is not financial advice, but this one might be worth your time. DiamondCake allows you to earn CAKE profits through holding! We will have a CAKE rewards system available on our contract where you can earn CAKE and earn money. The more you hold DiamondCake the more CAKE rewards you will have! Tokenomics: рџЋ‚ 14% redistribution to all holders in CAKE. рџЊЉ 2% goes to the liquidity pool. рџ“є 4% goes to the marketing wallet for promotion. рџ”ќMax Buy: 1 mill (DCAKE/BNB) рџ”ќSlipperage: < 20% Max Wallet : 2% рџ‘Љ Earn more by holding. рџ”ђ Safe

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