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рџ©єLAUNCHING PLAGUE DOCTOR FOR POLYGON AND BSC!рџ’Љ рџ“€POLYGON ON 13th AUG рџ“€BSC ON 14th AUG Breakdown: Plague Doctor is the flip side of Plague Factory, where u earn DOCTOR which is EXTREMELY LIMITED TO ONLY 10,000 TOKENS with only 200 MINTED DAILY! Doctor is meant to earn CURES which will be used in the world domination and war stage to battle against the DISEASES in the WAR! POLYGON INFORMATION: STEALTH LAUNCHED! Initial mint: 40 Initial Price: $10 рџ’µ Purchase Link: Website: Farm Start: 13th August 4pm UTC Chart: Tele: Docs: Twitter: 100% LIQUIDITY BURNTрџ§Ё TOKEN TO MASTERCHEFрџ”«

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