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Welcome to CakePie Finance ☀️ 🍰 CakePie Finance (CakePie) uses an automated yield aggregate that enabled autogenerating liquidity protocol. This network is completely automated and doesn`t amplify any least gas fees balanced to the amount of CakePie token transferred and the number of holders processed through each transaction is dynamic and established on transaction size. Holders of CakePie token will receive dividends from the queue based on their position in the array and at the same time, the token price will be increasing based on the auto-liquidity generator. It`s fully automated and the Minimum token balance to receive CAKE distributions is 100,000 CakePie tokens. Auto-Yield, Static Rewards, Auto LP Acquisition, Burnable. CakePie Protocol The CakePie contract keeps track in an array of all token holders and keeps a record into the array for processing. All transactions processes a certain number of users and it’s depends on the transaction size. CakePie token is established on an Auto-generating liquidity and on an Autoyield Dividend which means all gains in the contract will be auto converted to CAKE and will be split equally to the token holders of CakePie. However, when a user is processed for a dividend, the smart contract checks how many withdrawable dividends they have in a record on the smartchain, and if the user is above the minimum threshold for auto-yeild dividends/claims, the smart contract will either automatically claim those dividends for CAKE, or automatically buy back CakePie tokens for them. Safety ⭐ Step by step plan to ensure 100% safety. PreSale on DxSale LP locked on DxLocker for 12 Months LP generated with every trade and locked on Pancakeswap 👶 Tokenomics 👶 54% PreSale On DxSale 37.8% Liquidity On Pancakeswap 5% Developer & Team 3.2% Airdrop & Bounty The CakePie Protocol employs 3 simple functions: CAKE Reflection + LP acquisition + Burnable, the transaction is taxed a 15% fee, which is split in 3 ways. -7% CAKE is redistributed on every transactions to CakePie holders of above 100,000 CakePie. -4% is used for auto-generate liquidity to fuel the pool exchange growth on every transaction done. -4% CAKE is allocated to the CakePie token Buyback program and Marketing wallet for massive marketing. Pre-sale information CakePie token will be conducted via DxSale platform, the liquidity will be added once the presale closed and locked for 12 months automatically with the DxLocker. Note: We don`t offer private sale, only Pre-sale will be done. PreSale price: 1 BNB = 5,400,000 CakePie Payment accepted: BNB only Purchase via: DxSale Soft cap: 50 BNB Hard cap: 100 BNB Presale open by September 12th, 2021 via DxSale and 100% locked LP and secured. 🚀 CakePie is the biggest CAKE reflection token with the auto-yield generate and auto-generate liquidity protocol. Hold $CakePie tokens in your wallet and you`ll earn CAKE. However, CakePie Swap, Prediction and NFTs market coming soon. 🚀 🔥 Join CakePie Campaign 🔥 🔥 The top 500 Winners will share $2,500 USDT + 8 million #CakePie token. Don`t miss this, Join the campaign here Do you have any question? Contact us on our support email here or contact our admins on telegram or twitter. We are always available to help you anytime!

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